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What started with an Earth Day march as a child and after eleven memorable years in the solar energy industry and after correctly forecasting the continuous rise in electrical costs - OmniAstro Energy Management has possible solutions that could provide better control over this hardship. Our electrical inflationary control management will allow for better future forecasting ultimately focusing on inflating your bottom-line with cleaner - safer returns. We invite you to take better control of out-of-control costs of electricity and help save your community one clean electron at a time.

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OmniAstro Energy Management has a cogent solution with Level 2 or 3 “Meter Stop” technology utilizing seasonable adjustable mounting and state-of-the-art solar generation designed for reliable durability accompanied by high capacity clean energy storage systems. In some states' opinion seems to be there is an assault on solar energy independence by utility interest groups to deflect addressing the issue of out-of-control pricing; especially issues arising from line transmission rental and peak period rising costs.  Ironically, the issue of peak period is during the same time the sun is shining on most days.

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